About Le Grand Chalet De Moniatis

The project, Le Grand Chalet De Moniatis, stands out prominently against the backdrop of unfolded mass multi-storey buildings.

This luxury house, in the traditional Alpine style, will be located on 2499 square meters of picturesque slopes of Troodos, surrounded by perennial pines.

Only 25-30 minutes drive from Limassol, you will splendidly find yourself surrounded by a noble calm and secluded silence! Clean and cool mountain air and coniferous flavours are an indispensable bonus to other advantages of this unique project.

Le Grand Chalet De Moniatis has a covered area for the comfortable stay of a large family - 826 sq. m. The chalet has five bedrooms with bathrooms and dressing rooms, a study, a living-dining room with double light and a massive fireplace, a spacious kitchen, a maid's room, technical rooms, a spa with pool and sauna, gym and a home cinema.

Paying tribute to the traditional Alpine architecture, the chalet has a massive gable roof with a large outflow and panoramic glazing of the façade; a wonderful springboard for admiring the pine landscapes in a comfortable home environment. A spacious veranda with wooden flooring is a harmonious continuation of the house.

There is a outdoor fireplace, which allows the owners to keep warm on cool evenings. Trying not to change the original natural relief, a two-level pool was added to the landscape.

You can drive up to the chalet by asphalt road. In addition to the covered garage for two cars, there are also open parking spaces.

Thanks to the natural difference in heights, the entrance to the house is hidden from curious looks, but when you have just come down to the living room, you have an opportunity to assess the fullness and scope of the project.

The lower level of the chalet repeats the form of the landscape and this not only makes the interiors more original, but also allows to effectively plan the inner space.

The dominant material in the decoration of all rooms is a wood. However, in order not to overload the premises and not to tear away from the reality, the modernity of the project is also emphasized, using glass partitions, metal and glass constructions and other modern finishing techniques in the interiors. The signature piece of the interior is a weightless staircase made of glass. The central place in the living room is a fireplace; massive and lined with rough stone, which is the main compositional centre of the double light living room.

Le Grand Chalet De Moniatis is conceived as a solid and comfortable home for permanent or temporary residence. The combination of simplicity and coarse forms, with elements in the hi-tech style, soft natural fabrics and fluffy carpets, will undoubtedly make this Chalet the desired place of stay for its owners. The project is commercial and open for co-investment or sale.

The images provided on the website are for reference only. The company reserves the right to make changes to plans and specifications without prior notice.